The Relapse prevention Program for Severe Mental Illness

Bridging the gap between evidence and practice for
the prevention of relapse in severe mental illness

Relapse prevention is the key to better outcomes and lower costs in the treatment of severe mental illness. Making it a reality will take more than medications, however effective, and more than the scattered, isolated efforts put forth by overstressed, underutilized and underfunded programs available in the existing mental healthcare infrastructure. It will take something entirely new.


How everything started.

“Relapse prevention is both a foundation of recovery and a goal of healthcare systems - - and we have the technology to achieve it."

J. Steven Lamberti, MD
Professor of Psychiatry at URMC where he serves as Director of the Schizophrenia Treatment Research Laboratory, and Chair of the Research Subject Review Board for Social and Behavioral Sciences.


Vision: Making Relapse Prevention a Reality

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