Service Innovation &
Organizational Transformation

The WayFinder Ecosystem is our primary collaboration
and service delivery platform.

It combines a proven model for rapid organizational transformation with collaborative technologies to create a sustainable platform for the co-creation and delivery of innovative services for the criminal justice continuum. As the centerpiece of our engagement model, it also provides a powerful engine for research and co-creation of applications and evidence-based practices.

Our technical expertise using best-of-breed technologies, coupled with our deep understanding of criminal justice, behavioral health and domain specific content development have enabled us to evolve into a mature player in this rapidly changing landscape. Our primary focus is on service delivery innovation and organizational transformation.


How everything started.

“MTS has created a unique suite of technologies and related services which connect vulnerable populations with service and treatment options resulting in dramatically reduced incarceration, hospitalization and other costs to responsible organizations and ultimately to society. Regarding persons who have been arrested or in other ways have come in contact with law enforcement and/or the criminal justice system, WayFinder uses public health strategies to address issues of public safety."

Tom Conant
Senior Vice President, Ecosystem Development & Informatics

Through WayFinder, stakeholders work outside of their own sometimes restrictive organizational inertia to rapidly build, test, operationalize and scale up new or improved services in collaboration with MTS.

Guided by MTS’s proprietary methodology and empowered with a unique set of collaborative technologies native to the platform – stakeholders are able to work together efficiently, effectively and economically. In addition to addressing specific problems or developing new programs, organizations are able to use the platform to consolidate learning resources and bring consistency to staff and volunteer training, provide 24/7 online support and services for constituents, extend community outreach, and generally improve or optimize business processes.

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Benefits of the Innovation Collaborative include:

Optimization of stakeholder engagement: The platform and engagement model brings together stakeholders from different functionalities and domains and gives them a concrete methodology and powerful co-creation tool set.

Risk reduction: Because the Innovation Collaborative functions outside the day-to-day operations of the organization, it’s a safe place for experimentation. New ideas, programs, services or applications can be prototyped in a controlled environment before being scaled up and rolled out to the population as a whole.

Business sustainability: The tools and functionality of the Innovation Collaborative are powerful enough to form the backbone of a new interactive business model for even the most “brick and mortar” organization. The platform – and the engagement methodology – encourage and energize process improvement and optimization in ways that go beyond service delivery.

Cultural Transformation: The experience of participating in the Innovation Collaborative empowers individuals, boost morale, demonstrates early success and create a self-sustaining culture of innovation. Participants experience a “world without walls,” and for many leadership and staff at organizations that have been struggling for years to do more with less, the shedding of organizational inertia is a transformative experience.

Key Features of the WayFinder

  • Provides an interactive portal with embedded tools for collaboration and co-creation. It’s more than a typical “hub site” or COP, because it also serves as the base platform for service delivery
  • Enables various types of engagements that facilitate collaboration, optimize the development process, and accelerate an organization’s ability to create and deliver new or improved services.

Ultimately, it harnesses the creative power of all stakeholders, and creates an environment where innovation can flourish.

Technical Infrastructure

The platform’s technical infrastructure allows for various levels of administrative access, detailed user profiles and assignment of privileges and permissions, and robust security features. Collaborative tools, document and media repositories, and social media integration provide the ability to collaborate, share and capture knowledge, and create community. Tools for API integration, and the development and delivery of applications and web services mean the platform has the capability of moving from collaboration and co-creation to the actual delivery and maintenance of new products and services.